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I finally found time to write after wrapping up an extremely busy week. Every day has been non-stop work/homework/school/sleep/repeat. I’ve actually started keeping my makeup bag in my car so I can sleep a little longer in the mornings. 

I’ve been stressed and stretched to my limits this week. But as I left my math class today, my professor handed me my most recent test with a big fat “A” on the top. That hasn’t happened in years, if ever. I left with a proud feeling inside, hugging my books down to my car. I got in and started to drive home and reflected on the week. I’ve worked extremely hard to get to this point. Once I realized that I’ve finished almost half of my degree, the reality of it set in. Next year, right now, I’ll be applying to FGCU and transferring to start another degree in something that I love and have been pursuing for almost 2 years now. My life is nowhere near what I imagined it would be, but at the same time it is. I knew that when I moved down here I wasn’t going to be living the same lifestyle as before (aside from the obvious). I have a job working for really great people doing something that I love. I wake up with a purpose, and I don’t feel guilty for taking a day to do something for myself because I know that I’ve earned it. Leaving PA was hard and I’ve spent too much time questioning whether or not it was the right thing to do. Tonight when I saw all of my hard work pay off over a stupid grade, it all fell into place. That stupid grade means the world to me. This proud, exhausted, grateful feeling I have right now is what I left everything for, and I couldn’t be more content with my decision.

Y'all won't get this

Kelsi: Let me conch you over the head
Me: With my dick

cross-continental hangs with @supalbee. I miss you jan 😓

A week of summer in PA, summed up.

  • Tuesday: Came home and was welcomed by my fishy. We went to Lorenzo’s and got pizza and walked South Street. Then was greeted by one of my best friends with tears and endless hugs. Followed up by meeting her new girlfriend and caught up on EVERYTHING that’s happened since January.
  • Wednesday: Strolled the promenade with Alex and got manis and talked about life and remembered how much I missed the hell out of this girl and that she is my literal soul sister.
  • Thursday-Friday: Drinks and bullshit with my lesbian alongside of Perk/A&N dates with a pretty cool guy. I kicked off the weekend by making new friends and getting into the scariest car accident of my life, stepping in someones grave, finding my phone, assessing the damage, sprinting through a grave yard and drinking a bottle of tequila immediately upon entering my lez’s house to mend the trauma
  • Saturday: Mütter Museum, Cheese Steaks, and Brand New with my fishy fish and seeing old friends and tailgating at a fucking BEAUTIFUL venue. Heard the sounds of my teenage/young adult years in real life, it was surreal as fuck. Oh yeah, and buffalo pretzels. 
  • Sunday-Tuesday: The best part of my vacay in OCNJ with dat fish and the fish fam, walking hard on the boardwalk for pizza and funnel cake, shopping and (for the first time ever) NOT burning on the beach.

I’ve missed my friends so god damn much, it hurts to see them sometimes. This trip was surreal and life-changing. Lots of crazy things happened, and I’ve gained a new appreciation for life, real friends, and my home. 

This one’s going down in the books, CHEERS.


Kanye West feat Chris Martin

WELL the word is out. I’m coming home tomorrow and spending a few days at my best friend’s new house, seeing brand new, and beaching up OCNJ with da fish ~*~*~*~*~*

“ We’re each other’s emotional support systems and they just supply the cock n’ balls. ”

—    lucydoo
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